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Kailua Kona,
Hawaii USA

About Kona Shark Diving

The Big Island’s Leading Shark Diving Team 

Kona, Hawaii (The Big Island) is one of the best places to dive with sharks in the world! Kona has year-round shark diving with some of the planet’s most iconic and awesome shark species including: Tiger, Oceanic Whitetip, Galapagos, Hammerhead, Sandbar, Reef Sharks, Blacktips, Great Whites, Mako and more on any given trip.

During our Kona, Hawaii Shark Diving trips we also see many of the other incredible marine animals Kona is famous for such as: Humpback Whales, Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales, Dolphin Species, Sea Turtles, Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Pelagic Fish, Ocean Sunfish and many more!

Our charters on the Big Island are based out of Kona, Hawaii and are built to cater to first-time shark divers and professional divers alike. No dive certificates or experience is needed to enjoy a dive with the sharks with us! We provide all the equipment you will need and sharks are guaranteed every trip or your money back!

During your 4-hour trip, guests will freedive under the close watch and care of a professional shark dive guide in the legendary blue waters of Kona Hawaii. Kona is an incredible place to have this experience as its not only famous for its sharks but also for its incredibly calm and clear waters. We offer two different types of trips on our Kona Shark Dive charter. The first and most popular is our Kona Shark Diving adventure itself! For this experience, our guests will freedive under the close watch and care of a professional shark dive guide in the legendary blue waters off of the coast of Kona. No shark diving cage is used and the sharks will come close giving our guests the shark encounter of a lifetime.

The second trip we offer is a Shark Viewing Trip where guests can simply watch the sharks and the dive from the boat without getting into the water. Between these two trips, there is something for everybody to enjoy on a morning or afternoon out with the sharks of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii!

An image of a school of hammerhead sharks swimming in the deep blue waters off the coast of Hawaii.

Our Professional Shark Diving Team

Kona Shark Diving was founded and is managed by a team of shark experts & experienced Captains who have worked with sharks for well over a decade all over the world. The Kona Shark Diving team has pioneered shark diving in many different locations around the United States, providing top of the line shark experiences for thousands of guests.

Having worked with sharks in all capacities from dive guide to shark tourism business owners, our experienced team has the know-how and ability to create and run some of the most successful and high-end shark experiences and companies in the world. The Captains and Shark Dive Guides on our boats are among the best in the world and will stop at nothing to make sure your trip is a success.

By combining decades of experience and a long-standing presence in the industry, you will be very pleased with your time diving with us at Kona Shark Diving!